1. 1.Drama Around the Sweet Almond Bush
    I was out in the garden early this morning when I spotted this Gray Hairstreak on the Sweet Almond Bush

  2. 2.A tiny little caterpillar -- probably the lavae of an obscure little moth

  3. 3.Then I saw what appeared to be a wild bee with its head caught in a flower. I was sad for a moment when I saw that a little ghost spider had caught its breakfast, but then remembered that spiders catch 'bad' bugs as well as the 'good' and keep things in balance as Mother Nature tends to do

  4. 4.As I flicked a little mosquito off my arm and I glanced down to see this humongous skeeter looking creature! As you can tell from his size in relation to the leaf this is NOT a regular mosquito, not even by Texas standards. ;-)

  5. 5.It quickly zoomed off and was spotted a moment later sipping nector from the Sweet Almond flower. His feathery antenas were whirling and one foot was held daintily in the air as if to show how much he is enjoying himself.

  6. 6.This guy is way too big to be a 'regular' mosquito and way too small and colorful to be a gal-nipper or whatever it is they are called. Look under him and you will see that even spidy is playing hidy from this guy. What do you think it is? Surely male mosquitos are not this much larger than females of the same species.