1. 1.A few bright lights
    in case your weather is still dreary

  2. 2.I love the stately accent this Red Canna makes next to the Pride of Barbados Bird of Paradise

  3. 3.I could get dizzy and fall right into this Canna

  4. 4.The butterflies came out from wherever they go when it rains. Gulf Frit on Irene Lantana

  5. 5.I love how the little
    Grey Hairstreak
    will sit for portraits often rubbing its wings together for effect. I have no idea what the top of the wings looks like as it always poses with them folded like this -- as he sips from a Sweet almond blossom
  6. 6.I got one shot of this spotted skipper on the Abelia and he was gone like a streak

  7. 7.This is what made my day -- this is the third honey bee I've seen in as many weeks! He's got his saddle bags pack full of pollen, but checking out the Velvet Pod Mimosa nector before heading back to the ranch