1. 1.Symmetry, Sea Oats, Monks and my Mulch Guy!

  2. 2.The symmetry of the male flower of Sago palm must have been the inspiration for Eastern temples. The flakes on the temple shingles are where pollen has gathered. There's that 'hidey spidey -- the writing spider' (so named by Kathy) again! He's on the left.

  3. 3.I was so happy to witness Kwanso's reappearance. He hadn't bloomed in a couple of years. From a small slim bud comes all this.

  4. 4.Something I had never noticed before is that double form is partly the result of the stamens being on the ends of the inner petals. Perhaps this is why this old cultivar doesn't form seeds. The color reminds me of a Tibetan monk in his ochre robes.

  5. 5.A spiraling agave bloom rising up to the heavens like an angel's prayer ... (how's that for 'poetic' ;-)

  6. 6.Perhaps it's the slate blue and muted lavender colors on the stems and tentacle like protrusions of the Bronze fennel flower that fascinate me so. The actual flower will be yellow.

  7. 7.And last but not least here's my 'mulch guy'! No monk :-) but 'monkeying' around with the loppers. What a guy! He doesn't garden, but helps me with some of the heavy stuff, mows, and built the arch, rose tower, and pigeon loft, plus...