1. 1.The Philosophy of Plants ...
    With the lens of a camera I am seeing parts of the garden that before were so easily overlooked ... Like the Red fountain grass having a bad hair day after the rain yet trusting that the sun will shine again.

  2. 2.The fennel bloom demonstrates a strangle hold on itself as if to remind us just to relax.

  3. 3.The way the twined vine manages to hold drops of water while finding another part of itself.

  4. 4.The hung over rose looking like it's had a tad too much of what it snuck from the jug.

  5. 5.The teeny tiny snail's shell mirrors the spiral of great galaxies. Its own antenna looking like tiny mirrors that reflect the night skies.

  6. 6.The itty bitty grasshopper seeming to be surprised and slightly amused by the whole thing.

  7. 7.The Love in a Puff vine reaching out -- for love? The seeds of love develop as it lets itself bloom.

  8. 8.The tiny spider, having simply snagged breakfast, is satisfied.

  9. 9.The hooks and the fuzz of the magnolia seed pod accepts a red straw hat to shield the sun.

  10. 10.'Appreciate our lime green pods' says the Arroyo sweetwood tree, 'as much as the flowers and our scented bark and leaves.'

  11. 11.Flowers of Arroyo sweetwood smell sweet as well.

  12. 12.Another tiny snail reminds that 'Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape'.

  13. 13.The polyantha rose leans on the Russian sage as if to say, 'Support one another that you all may bloom.'.

  14. 14.And last but not least, 'Bloom where you are planted even if it's on the hell strip.'.