Romance of the Buds
  1. 1.Intro

  2. 2.The bud of Lord Baltimore is dripping with romance. Who wouln't fall for a line from this guy's lips

  3. 3.Maybe she needs a few words from the language of romance from this naturally twined tussy mussy of Blush Noisette and Love in a Puff

  4. 4.The Bulbine with her sleek buds looking like a dancing minaret in a frilly Spanish skirt, says "Just leave him to me" ... Fanick's Phlox watches in amazement from the background

  5. 5.The bud of the wild daisy says she just likes to sleep in on a rainy morning and is not to be bothered ... a lazy daisy perhaps

  6. 6.The phlox are stetching their buds and ready to rise in unison with the dawn

  7. 7.The bud of Crinum bows her head in the garden cathedral in reverence to the rain

  8. 8.The flowers of the shy Abutilon never open fully and seem to remain in bud form. She's like a contemplative nun who lowers her head prefering not to be photographed

  9. 9.The bud of Bleeding heart peaks out from under her hood and with a smile is ready to blast off

  10. 10.The bud of Rockrose, true to her name is pointedly opening like a *rock*et with the supporting stuctures falling away as she rises to the skies for her one day of glory

  11. 11.The bud of daylily surfs the waves of air like a mother whale with her calf close by her side

  12. 12.And last but not least when life takes you through its twists and turns just hang in there like the Love in a Puff and bloom anyway